Online Registration (Windsor Warlocks Minor Lacrosse Association)

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Registration System

The Ontario Lacrosse Association has an Online Registration system for all member associations.  
The online system is hosted by Sportzsoft.


Things to keep in mind when using the online system:

  • You will be required to upload an electronic copy of the proof of age document you prefer (birth certificate or passport).       
  • We recommend using a phone or tablet equipped with a camera for easier uploading of the above document.
  • Most members will select an account type of Family and add dependent players during the registration process. 
  • You have a choice of payment between Credit Card or Cheque. 

Online Registration

An online registration can be completed by following 2 simple steps

Step 1 - Login to Sportzsoft (Create a new account if required) 

If you registered player(s) for a previous season then your account with Sportzsoft will still be valid.
If you are a new Windsor Warlock member, you must first create an account with Sportzsoft.
Both actions can be done at the link below.

SportzSoft Login Page

Step 2 - Add Registration(s) to your Account

Once an account has been created and you have added any dependents to that account will need to add one or more registrations to your account depending on how many players you are intending to register.  

Note:  Sportzsoft provides more details about what is required in a User Manual found here.