Police Criminal Record Check (Windsor Warlocks Minor Lacrosse Association)

PrintPolice Criminal Record Check

It is mandatory  for our volunteers to obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) during their first volunteer year with the organization, and it should be completed and submitted to us prior to stepping out onto the floor with the kids.

In following years volunteers will just need to sign the CRC Declaration stating that nothing has changed since their first PVSC.

If for some reason their volunteering is not in consecutive years, a declaration will not be valid, volunteers will need to obtain a new CRC.

The following links are to the different police services' information on applying for a record check.


Essex OPP



There is a Volunteer Letter on the site that can be filled out and presented to the law enforcement agency.  Many agencies offer a reduced application fee with this type of letter. 

The application fee will be reimbursed by the association upon request with the presentation of a receipt.